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Use our two-factor authenticator card protection to protect your card from unwanted withdrawals and online payments. Always enable this service for your card.

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Online banking

With a choice of mobile pay apps you can keep your change in the bank, not your pocket. Start making secure contactless payments on the go with your phone today

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Financial Planning

At any stage of your life, our WBC Financial Planning team can help you create a plan for your finances and then put your plan into action.

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Business Banking

Do you want to get your money and use it easily, whenever you need it?

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account is a safe place for customers to keep cash that they do not need access to on a regular basis while allowing them to earn interest. A low balance requirement makes this an ideal Business account for those just starting their lives or those who do not maintain balances high enough to earn the higher rates on on longer-term investment products.

  • Security and protection
  • Pay your way
  • Convenience and control
  • ATM card
  • Convenient access.

Wineex Bank Cameroun Multi-Currency Business accounts are not subject to transaction limit Regulations withdrawal, no matter the form of the withdrawal – transfer, check, debit card, computer, etc.

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Our bank has been providing services to its customers for almost 25 years.


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Protect your money

What are Wineex Bank Cameroun Instruments?

This is a commitment in form of writing issued by a bank to pay a particular sum of money to a beneficiary on behalf of a bank’s customer in a situation where the customer/purchaser do not have the ability to pay or perform its obligation financially to the seller.


Security in bank level

For the fact that a bank’s client can use a bank instrument in a transaction is a show that the individual has a proof of strong credibility financially and also capable of repaying.


Investments best in class

However, it is important to know that though the bank is in charge of the paperwork of the bank instrument, it does not have any say in the development of the contract or even in the commitment to it. It’s only the bank instrument and the terms and policies associated with it, that is of interest to the bank. Therefore, bank instrument will be reimbursed for since the bank have to compile with the term and conditions stated.


Secure watch asset

Helping our clients with Bank Confirmation Letters (BCL) or Proof of Funds (POF) is one of the benefits our clients enjoy. These are commonly used for commodity trades such as precious gems, oil and gas service equipment, steel, and others.

Banking services

Our bank has been provided various banking services to our customers.

Mobile banking

WBC Bank's Mobile App is easy to use and gives you access to all your banking needs on the go. In the latest version you’ll be able to: Login with a PIN, Fingerprint or Face ID on supported devices, Transfer money between your WBC Bank accounts and many more

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Digital Wallets

Start making secure contactless payments on the go with your phone today. Paying with your phone is safe, easy to set up and works with the devices you use every day. Choose the solution that works for your phone and add your credit or debit card.

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Secure payment

As a WBC member you can now send and receive faster, simpler and smarter OSKO payments through internet banking or the mobile app. So long as you're sending funds to a participating bank, OSKO will ensure your money has reached its destination in under a minute...

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Saving account

If you've got a goal in mind or just want to put some money aside for a rainy day, we offer competitive interest rates for a range of savings accounts. Whether you want high interest rates, an online account or just a place to keep your money safe, we have you covered.

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Business banking

Established for businesses with greater banking activity looking for premier relationship benefits. Multi-Currency Business account is available for For home-based, nonprofit, and smaller organizations with business banking needs.

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Personal savings

There are banks on every corner that offer current and savings accounts. But not all banks are dedicated to the global community that we live in. Not all banks put the focus on CLIENT FIRST. Since 1996 WBC has design multiple products and services to fit the needs of the global communities we serve.

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Personal loans

Wineex Bank Cameroun Personal loan is the obvious choice if you need a finance for Personal finance, Medical emergency, Wedding purposes, Abroad travel, Holidays, Child education and for buying consumer durable things.

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Business loans

Small and Medium Enterprises you could get finance to help you build your company and expand your project with the lowest decreasing interest rates. Loans to kick start new ideas, equipment purchase, company asset purchase, rent or buy factory space, stock purchase and more…

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Credit cards facility

We provide all the credit card facilities to our customers.

We provide customers with a variety of credit cards based on the convenience of work.

  • Standard credit cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Charge cards
  • Subprime credit cards
  • Limited purpose cards
  • Balance transfer credit cards
  • Student credit cards
  • Secured credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Business credit cards
Wineex Bank Cameroun Vision & Mission

We stand with and for, the fair and equal treatment of men, women and children regardless of race, gender, age, creed or nationality. Even with those guiding principles, we understand there is much anger and hurt all across our Global human right now with limited access to credit and banking. The pain we feel demonstrates a collective need to strengthen our global client communities~ both at the local and global level. Wineex Bank Cameroun Inc, will be a part of that solution.

Our History

Capital Bank Inc – Started its activities in February 23, 1996 as a branch of foreign bank with single office in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Currently Wineex Bank Cameroun has global offices in three more points in around the world In addition, following the global trends,Harling Bank – offers to its global customers services related with Debit Cards, ATMs and Internet Banking.

How to open an account

At WBC we’re a different kind of bank; one that works to support our members because we’re owned by our members. Our philosophy is that by coming together, we’re stronger than we could ever be alone.

We’ve found that banking products, like our members, are stronger and add more value when they work together. That’s why we offer '& Bags', as well as a full range of standalone products.


Personal details

Provide information about your self; full name, age, gender, occupation, address, city or state, country, and more



Submit personal identification documents like, passport or id card, driver license...


Address information

A valid document showing proof of address like utility bill of not more than three months old...