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Wineex Bank Cameroun Started its activities in 1996 as a branch of foreign bank with single office in Yaoundé, Cameroon

The Bank operated as a traditional mutual thrift institution until 2000. The bank Grew in size and Currently Wineex Bank Cameroun has global offices in multiple countries around the world. In addition, following the global trends, Wineex Bank Cameroun – offers to its global customers services related with Debit Cards, ATMs and Internet Banking.
We are very proud of our “Heritage” and with your help we look forward to continuing our “Commitment to the future of the communities we serve through a Tradition of Excellence”.


Integrity & Ethics: This is our Cornerstone. We will operate with honesty, fairness and respect for others.
Commitment: Commitment to achievement and taking advantage of opportunities. When we decide to do something, we will do it with quality, drive and passion.
We insist on quality: In our leadership, work, and service.
Leadership: Leadership is illustrated through execution, and effective leadership demands accountability, courage and caring.
Mutual Respect: Operating in an environment of mutual respect sets the tone for how well we can work together
Achievement: We measure achievement with clear expectations of rate of return and frequent job-specific performance feedback, and we promote job satisfaction among our employees by rewarding achievement.

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account
Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account
Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account

We stand with and for, the fair and equal treatment of men, women and children regardless of race, gender, age, creed or nationality. Even with those guiding principles, we understand there is much anger and hurt all across the world right now. The pain we feel demonstrates a collective need to strengthen our communities both at the local, national and international level. Our company will be a part of that solution.
Our mission statement begins “To be a financial institution that strengthens our communities.” We believe our organization contributes to our communities by providing a foundation of trust and fairness, but we can do better. Those of us at Wineex Bank Cameroun will strive to play a greater role as a positive force that influences our communities.
Part of the strength of our communities is the unique backgrounds that define us. We want everyone to feel welcomed and respected at Wineex Bank Cameroun. It is important to take the time to listen and have face-to-face conversations with each other to help build empathy and learn to lean on each other when needed.
We’re your friends. We’re your neighbors. We’re your Community Bank. As part of the larger Wineex Bank Cameroun family, we were built for your finances, for your business. We work hard to be an asset to the people and communities we serve: to get to know you and your needs in order to offer the best banking products and even better service. As a Harling Capita Bank, we’re proud to invest in and give back to our communities.

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