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Customized Lending Solutions To Meet Your Needs.

Wineex Bank Cameroun understands that growing businesses need capital to achieve their potential. Our commercial lenders are trained to think “outside of the box.” We take the time to get to know your business and to gain a clear understanding of your goals and strategies. We analyze your business’ cash flow and funding needs, and then customize a credit solution tailored to your business. Wineex Bank Cameroun Lending Services offers:
Commercial Lending
Commercial Real Estate Lending
Construction Lending
Commercial Lending
Our specialty is owner-managed businesses, including professional practices, distributors and developers. We offer flexible terms and competitive rates on a variety of debt alternatives including:
Lines of Credit
A revolving line of credit is a small-business essential. Use it to manage cash flow by financing short-term capital needs such as inventory, accounts receivable or other seasonal needs. With a line of credit, you may borrow, repay and borrow again.
Term Loans
Most often, term loans are used to finance fixed-asset purchases for items such as equipment, vehicles and furniture. Term loans can be used to finance permanent working capital or debt consolidation and are also available for buying, improving or refinancing commercial property.
Small Business Administration Loans
Small Business Administration (SBA) government-assisted loans provide a simplified process and coverage for almost any legitimate business purpose. Long-term, fixed-asset financing is also available. Loan offers include:
Wineex Bank Cameroun guaranty loan up to $2 million
Global Business Financing Initiative 705 loan up to $1 billion
Accounts Receivable Financing
Wineex Bank Cameroun can help cover seasonal and other short-term operational needs. Many of these needs are solved by arranging a line of credit secured by a company’s receivables. Securing a line of credit with receivables is an option for many companies that might not otherwise qualify for an unsecured line of credit sufficient for their needs.
Commercial Real Estate Lending
A Range of Services for Developers, Investors and Owner-Occupants
Commercial Real Estate Lending is a key area of expertise for Wineex Bank Cameroun. Our bankers are trained to develop a solid understanding of each opportunity and to work with our customers to structure competitive, innovative financing solutions. We work the developer, investor and the owner-occupied markets offering:
Construction Loans
Mini-Perm Loans
Acquisition and Development Loans
Developers and Investors
Wineex Bank Cameroun works with both developers and investors to provide a full range of financing options for income-producing properties and land. We provide loans with up to 20 year maturities for construction, renovation, acquisition and development. We also have the ability to assist our customers by providing longer-term funding or access to a variety of permanent lenders.
Multi-family Residential
Owner-Managed Properties
Wineex Bank Cameroun is committed to serving the needs of our owner-managed business customers. Today, many businesses are deciding that it is a wise decision to own the facilities they occupy, and we are ready to provide financing for this purpose. Wineex Bank Cameroun works to understand each customer’s financial situation and develops a financing package that helps both the owner-manager and the business.
For more information about how Wineex Bank Cameroun can help you with your real estate financing needs, contact:
Construction Lending
Your Lending Professional in the Home building Business
As a residential developer or builder, you need a bank lending professional with an experienced and dedicated construction lending team. Wineex Bank Cameroun provides financing for residential construction and development to home builders and residential developers. We offer a complete line of residential lending products and solutions. Our team of construction lending specialists has the expertise and experience you need to secure financing for:
Land acquisition for the development of subdivisions
Construction of single-family, detached homes
Construction of townhouses and condominiums
The majority of homes financed through the Wineex Bank Cameroun construction lending area are entry-level or first and second “buy-up” homes. We also offer financing for higher-priced homes to homebuilders established in that market niche. To meet the needs of the dynamic South Metro Atlanta homebuilding business, we have established a loan production office that is solely dedicated to the needs of homebuilders and developers. Construction and residential mortgage loans for individual homebuyers are offered through Wineex Bank Cameroun.
A Dedicated Construction Lending Team
We understand the residential construction lending business and you will benefit from working with experienced construction lenders who get to know your particular construction financing needs. We take pride in providing responsive answers and meeting the specialized needs of each of our homebuilder customers. To find out how we can help you with the challenges and opportunities that are part of the homebuilding industry, contact one of our experienced construction loan officers today: