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Multi-Currency Offshore Account

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account

A flexible multi-currency offshore account that supports your personal and business lifetime financial needs.

For over 25 years, Wineex Bank Cameroun has been assisting clients to establish and administer offshore and international bank accounts and has developed useful expertise in identifying and working with suitable offshore banks and international banks.
By the very nature of our business we are exposed to a wide range of offshore banks and international banking activities and positioned to assist clients with advice based on the insights we have gained.

Benefits of Multi-Currency Offshore Account

Most importantly, Wineex Bank Cameroun is not just an offshore bank, we are an international and offshore corporate and trust services provider. However, a significant percentage of the companies and trusts we administer establish accounts with international and offshore accounts rather than their domestic accounts because often their characteristics include:

  • Familiarity with offshore and international business
  • Worldwide investment and business perspective
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Confidentiality
  • Lack of foreign exchange controls.
  • Access to special investment opportunities

Will my money be safe in an Offshore Bank?

The factors to consider include:
The political and economic stability of the jurisdiction(s) in which a bank is head-quartered, located and regulated
Reputation and substance – Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch rating reports are useful
Quality of regulation and access to deposit and investor protection and insurance schemes Parent company or similarly guarantees
The business focus of the bank

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account

Wineex Bank Cameroun Business Account
  • Who qualifies?

    In general the banks we work with seek to provide services to private banking clients, expatriates, and clients with international commercial activities, such as trading.
    These services are provided from both offshore banking and international locations.
    Private Banking Clients
    Although private banking is not a simple business, there is a very simple business model to keep in mind: “keeping rich people happy”. The definition of “private banking” varies from bank to bank but is generally taken to mean investment management offered on a personalised basis by a bank to an individual with disposable wealth of more than $100,000 (although some banks do not offer private banking services to clients with disposable wealth less than US$ 500,000 or US$ 1 million). Private banking is obviously not synonymous with “offshore”, but the costs of a personalised relationship begin to be worthwhile at the $100,000 + level in the light of the superior gains to be realised from offshore investment. Private bankers probably prefer themselves to be approached and considered as objective financial advisers rather than as an investment-provider, and consequently private banks may not be the most effective choice for a reasonably sophisticated investor who wants to play an active role in the management of his investments.
    Numerous offshore banks have sought to specialise in the provision of banking services to expatriates as they perceive such business as being relatively risk free, easy to “systemise” and profitable. In essence, expatriate services encompass managing accounts for people resident outside their home countries who may or may not be employed. The focus of expatriate banking providers is online banking, call-centres, relatively low levels of expertise and the provision of “packaged” investment and protection products, such as life insurance. Whilst the service offered should be professional and “smooth”, the relationship between an expatriate client and his expatriate banking provider could not be characterised as personal or in any way similar to the relationship between a client and a top-flight private bank.
    International Commercial Activities
    Many of our clients utilise the companies we administer for commercial purposes, such as trading. In such circumstances an offshore bank that specialises in private banking or expatriates will be unsuitable. Our commercial clients seek similar services to an onshore commercial bank and will require access to some or all of the following services:
    Cash management
    Foreign exchange and treasury services
    International trade – letters of credit, documentary collections, cross-border guarantees and global banking services at locations around the world
    Risk management: foreign exchange, interest rate, equity and energy price risk management tools
    Payment, receivables and payroll solutions
    Selling solutions: point of sale, e-commerce and merchant programmes
    Speciality solutions, such as dealer, shareowner and fund services
    Expertise in matters such as energy, aviation, shipping or real estate

  • Offshore bank account maintenance

    Once an offshore account is opened it is important to keep the offshore bank briefed and current with the affairs of a client company or trust. We do not react well to unexplained account activity, so if a company’s trading pattern is set to change or a large or unusual transaction is about to occur it always wise to pre-warn the bank and provide documentation such that the bank can understand and maintain evidence of the wholesomeness and reason for the proposed transaction.
    Maintaining an efficient relationship with a bank is a two-way process. When WBC Worldwide provides Directors, Managers and officers to a client company or when WBC Worldwide provides trustee services, its officers must control any underlying bank accounts.
    The reason for this is that there are various legislative and regulatory requirements and precedents relating to the duties of directors and trustees relating to their obligations to exercise effective management and control over a company’s or trust’s assets and affairs. Put more simply, would any reasonable businessperson, aware of the duties and liabilities of directors or trustees, be prepared to act as a director of a company or act as a trustee, if they did not control the company’s or trust’s bank account?
    If our clients were to exercise control over bank accounts it could be perceived that they are controlling the affairs of the company or trust even though they may not be officers or trustees. Statutory authorities in high tax and other areas often seek to apply “the management and control test” to assess whether the profits/income earned by an entity controlled in a low tax area should be taxed as if they were resident in the high tax area.
    There is an inherent possibility that if we allowed clients to control bank accounts, then a regulatory authority may deem that our clients are effectively managing and controlling the company or trust in their countries of residence or more radically may seek to pierce the corporate veil or judge a trust to be a “sham”.

  • Offshore Account Terms & Conditions

    We operate two types of offshore accounts;
    1. Personal offshore acount
    2. Corporate official account

    Both accounts have different values. Personal offshore account is for someone who wants to do a small transaction from 1,000 up to 5 million US dollars or Euro. There are limits to this account.
    To obtain an offshore corporate account it starts at from 5 million right up to a trillion dollars or euros and there are no limit to this account. Oonce your account is created on our platform it's very easy for you to do transaction once you make deposit to the account. You can easily do online transactions from your offer account to your business account or private account in any country in the world and you can also use your offshore account to pay money to companies you make purchases or do business with like China and other countries. The tax rate for each transaction through your offshore account is 0% and you can also keep your money in your offshore account as long as you want and you can make withdrawal from the account in any country in the world.
    For you to obtain any of these accounts, know that there is an initial deposit required to open any of the accounts. This initial deposit is to activate your account and complete the account creation to make sure that it can receive such amount of money, without the initial deposit the account cannot be created. This are the policies; initial deposit is paid by all international clients by Western Union or MoneyGram or through Bitcoin transfer, our bank has all these facilities We implement all these options to make the account opening deposit easy to make, so make sure before you proceed you have any of this options to get your initial deposit paid to the bank. Your offshore account manager will provide you this information for your payment of the initial deposit. If you have the possibility by Western Union he/she will give you the information if it is by MoneyGram he/she will give you the information if you have possibility by Bitcoin he/she will give you the bank Bitcoin wallet for your initial deposit to be send immediately, and once your initial deposit is sent through any of this means the bank will receive and credit it into your offshore account. Note this point down we do not want a case that you will engage into a quarry with your offshore account manager when you know these are the bank rules due to covid-19 pandemic so we make ways very easy for our clients.
    Below are the different cost for the initial deposit of the accounts to be created
    1) initial deposit cost for the opening of personal offshore account is €1,645 Euro's if you are in the country that use US dollars or other currency for you to make the payment easily to you can just convert this amount into US dollars and it will be in the same percentage this is for clients who are unable to pay in euros you can convert the money and pay in US dollars because the amount for the initial deposit cannot be changed.
    2) initial deposit cost for corporate offshore account opening is €2,845 Euro's if you are in the country that use US dollars or other currency for you to make the payment easily to you can just convert this amount into US dollars and it will be in the same percentage this is for clients who are unable to pay in euros you can convert the money and pay in US dollars because the amount for the initial deposit cannot be changed.
    Please we do one our clients to note this down for you to make the payment of your initial deposit in some countries you can do the whole amount one time you will have to do it in different times so in our bank we have four different caches that pay out money in the bank those caches are responsible to receive this initial deposit by MoneyGram or Western Union or through the Bitcoin wallet if you have difficulties in making your initial deposit by MoneyGram or Western Union the easiest means that you can do the whole transaction at one time is true the Bitcoin if you do not have a Bitcoin you can look for someone close your area or around your area that sells or works in Bitcoin you can go with the money in cash and you provide our wallet to the person for him to credit this wallet with this certain amount and that will be done easily without no complication but if you think that you can do it by MoneyGram or Western Union know that it will not be in one installmentally you will have to do it in four instrumental of five instrumental transactions which the offshore account manager will provide you the caches on duties names information to make transaction by MoneyGram or Western Union and there is one issue we have with most of the clients making a transaction by MoneyGram or Western Union we use names and that will be the names of the cashiers that will be in duty this should not be strange for you but the easiest means that no one will be asking you questions like how MoneyGram and Western Union behave at some times because at some country due to this covid-19 is the same thing here in our bank it's very difficult to make payment because there is a lot of questions being asked for you to avoid such questions just look for a closest Bitcoin trader in your area and you take the cash and copy down our wallet go to him and give him the wallet and he will do the transfer and give you the receipt confirmation and that is all once this money get into our Bitcoin wallet it will be credited automatically into your offshore account and this initial deposit for people who do not understand once you pay this money by MoneyGram or Western Union on bitcoin this money is been received and the bank credited into your account this morning is your money it doesn't goes to the bank we put it back into your offshore account and only you can withdraw it from your offshore account so the money goes to your account and only 10% remains in your offshore account if you make a redraw out we hope that this is well understood.
    So when you are ready and you accept this terms and condition you would now contact your offshore account manager and he will provide to you the payments information.
    One more important thing for those who are doing transaction of coming from a client of the bank every different this differences are most such transactions the bank stands to be the one to guarantee such amount of loan being credited into your offshore account we are saying this because we have much more international clients who have money much money in our bank and some of them bring us clients to create an offshore account from our bank which is our own benefit for me too credit whatever loan got requesting from our clients into the offshore account so we stand to be the one to provide what ever guarantee you as the boulevard to guarantee the amount which you are receiving from our top customers I will explain below
    For a borwer receiving a loan from our top clients you are requested to pay an insurance fees of 5% of the total amount that we had to credit into your offshore account this 5% stands as an insurance to cover this total amount if it's not been paid back on time to our top clients and one very important thing this 5% is not to be deducted from the amount that you're receiving as a loan because once we credit this amount into your offshore account we cannot withdraw anything from it so that means you will have to look for the 5% and pay it to the bank for the insurance as a guarantee of the loan in your offshore account and fail for this to be paid the offshore account will be blocked an advantage for this guarantee insurance 5% is that according to the amount requesting as a loan the bank can always give a discount from these 5%, the bank will give a discount of 30% from the 5% on the amount receiving as a loan. We know that some clients will come and say that we should deduct the 5% from the total amount of loan our bank does not work like that you must pay the 5% guarantee insurance for your loan from your own pocket not from our top clients loan given to you you must be fit and capable to guarantee the loan from your own pocket that is our policy so beware that once the loan will be credited into your offshore account the bank will give you 48 hours to get the 5% guarantee insurance of the loan amount in your offshore account to be paid and the means for this to be paid will be true the Bitcoin wallet so clients know that the 5% for the guarantee insurance of your loan will be paid through Bitcoin which your account manager will provide to you the Bitcoin wallet for that to be done so very easy for you you just need to look for a Bitcoin trader in your area and you provide our wallet and you pay him the money in cash and he will do the transfer by Bitcoin into the bank Bitcoin wallet so this should be well noted you must accept this terms and conditions and Bank policies on this page before you proceed for your offshore account opening and note that before you pay the guarantee insurance 5%, it's only after when the bank has credited the total amount requested as loan into your offshore account.
    Once you complete all the request demands for your offshore account and once the loan has been credited inside your account will be fully activated for you to start with your transaction freely without no problem and we also provide Visa card for those who request if you will need a card for your offshore account which you can use from any country ATM you inform the bank we can also provide that we give you an unlimited Visa card so if you are interested for that contact your bank manager and will give you the cost for that to be produced.
    Document requested for your offshore account opening which you need to provide to the offshore account manager after going through this message on our platform below
    1)Valid passport copy of the authorized person
    2)Certified and recent proof of address (for instance, utility bill)
    3)Picture identification for the signatories.
    And one important thing you have to provide a sign loan agreement contract with any of the top clients with you are requesting a loan from this is the only proof we need to be sure that you are in contact with such person and he has accepted for the loan to be credited in your account
    And also know that once you sign a contract with the person giving you the loan once the contract has been sent to the bank the bank year in our country we also need to register this contract and the registration fees for your contract is €860 Euros this is to prevent your transaction leaving out of our country without no problem from the government we must have the contract registered from the government the is a stamp from the government that we need to put on it and the cost is for this stamp and for the government office signature. Note this down very important so we will not want a case when the account manager ask you to pay the contract registration fees and you start to complain. If you are in the country which you cannot use or make payment by Euros you can convert the money and pay it into dollars.
    All payment for the guarantee insurance 5% will be true the Bitcoin wallet for those who can do it through Bitcoin or it will be true the insurance sub bank account which you will see in the payment page this should be noted to any client that is the only two ways for the guarantee insurance to be paid. And please after reading all this do not come and contact the offshore account manager and ask for the bank account for you to make transaction for your initial deposit or for your guarantee insurance 5% please we do not allow that we have given three option for all this payment Western Union MoneyGram of Bitcoin ask for information from payment and we prefer if you can get your transaction for the initial deposit of all this by Bitcoin it will be very easy and good and easy for you you might not have a Bitcoin but you might have someone in your area that deals with Bitcoin transaction through Bitcoin is very easy once the bank received the Bitcoin the bank wallet it has been credited in your account thanks for your understanding.
    NB. Our bank does not provide our bank account for offshore account creating for our international clients use the three ways which has been provided up.
    Make sure you read very carefully to understand each and every word because we do not want a case which you will be asking numerous questions from your offshore account manager we have made everything easy and we have explained everything on our platform once you read and you're okay with every terms and condition then you can contact the offshore account manager for your account creation and make sure you write back to him with those request documents for the offshore account opening.
    And for quick communication you can contact your offshore account through bank WhatsApp he will provide that to you.
    We thank you all for choosing our service and you're welcome into our bank at all we are going to give you the best of our services we are at your service 24/7

  • How to proceed?

    Please contact any of our offices or submit an enquiry to the office of your choice and a consultant will shortly be in touch to arrange a free consultation.

Debit and credit cards

Most banks offer a comprehensive range of credit and debit card services for either personal or corporate accounts. In many cases, the currency of the card is dependent upon the country in which the bank operates. Many banks have introduced US Dollar and Euro cards to cater for the international market.
In most cases, clients who require credit cards may select their own credit limit by establishing a blocked security deposit, equivalent to 2-4 times the credit limit required. WBC can assist in the application and the subsequent statement administration.

Convenience and control