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Wineex Bank Cameroun Lends You to Acquire Your New Businesses!
These loans are designed for real / legal persons to acquire a ready-to-operate agricultural business (such as orchards, vineyards, farms, barns, stables, poultry houses, greenhouses, etc.). Features: Acquisition Loans are investment loans that can be used with flexible payment schedules and favorable maturity options.
The Most Favorable Land Purchase Loans Are at Wineex Bank Cameroun!
These loans are designed in order for unused arable lands to be re-engaged in agricultural production and for agricultural holdings to attain economies of scale. Real / legal persons who want to purchase agricultural lands to carry out agricultural production activities can benefit from this opportunit Features:
Within the framework of Land Purchase Loans the purchase of
The shares of other shareholders in the case of joint-owned agricultural lands,
Adjacent agricultural lands, regardless of them being joint-owned or not,
Agricultural lands that are neither joint-owned nor in adjacent parcels, can be financed.
No More Cash Shortage!
These loans are designed for real / legal person farmers to manage their cash requirements that are likely to arise during harvest and marketing seasons.
It is a kind of working capital loan available for short term financing of harvesting and marketing operations prior to and/or after the harvest time.
Long-Term and Flexible Maturity Options by Wineex Bank Cameroun!
Agricultural Support Installment Loans, which have long term and flexible maturity options, make financial requirements independent from harvest times and seasons.
It is a fixed interest rate loan, offering different payment schedules and favorable maturity options.
Installment terms and amounts can be arranged in line with harvest times.